Portable Bag for Nintendo Switch Accessories


When you want to take your Switch everywhere, you may need to take your Switch, pro controller, power adapter, joy cons and game cards. 

This shoulder bag would be your good choice. It also can take tablet and headphone. It is lightweight and durable. It is very great for kids so your kids will not drop their switch anymore!

It also can be used as a daily bag. It has a good size and it has 2 big pockets and 2 small pockets inside. It holds everything in place to suit your organizational needs! It is perfect for you to carry while traveling.

Made of high-quality materials, finely woven, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, with a breathable mesh design on the back, which is good for heat dissipation

Perfect for any outfit, it can be worn cross-body at the front or over the shoulder at the back. The crossbody design makes it easy to take out the contents of the bag.


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