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PS VR2 Sense Controller Charging Dock

PS VR2 Sense Controller Charging Dock

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FAST CHARGING - The charging station is very easy to use and compatible with the PSVR2 console. It is built with a quick charge port, which charges your PSVR2 controller quickly and efficiently. It has two small USB-C adapters that help them charge via the dock, so you will always have power when needed.

HIGH QUALITY - It is a well-built study station. The material is good, and the charge is efficient. PS VR2 controllers fit perfectly in the stand. Makes perfect contact every time. You do not have to adjust them to make them contact.

GOOD LOOKING - The design of the charging station is sleek and modern and blends seamlessly with your PSVR2 setup.

HELPFUL LED INDICATOR - The LED lights on the dock indicate the charging status of each controller, so you can easily monitor the progress of the charging process. The charging means red light, and the light turns blue when fully charged. No more worries that the controllers get overcharged. The station will stop charging once the controllers are fully charged.

NOT INCLUDE POWER ADAPTER - We suggest using a 5V 2A charging adapter. Quick charge 18W or PD adapter is recommended for faster charging.

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