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Clear Protective Case for Pokémon GO Plus + 2023 - 1 Pack

Clear Protective Case for Pokémon GO Plus + 2023 - 1 Pack

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Safeguard your Pokemon GO Plus Plus device with a high-quality hard plastic case that ensures long-lasting protection against scratches, dust, and bumps.

Crystal Clear Design: The transparent case allows you to showcase the original design of your Pokemon GO Plus Plus while providing full access to all buttons and features.

Fun Customization: Personalize your gaming experience with 4 silicone button caps featuring different expressive faces, adding a touch of personality to your Pokemon GO Plus Plus.

Easy Access: The included guitar pick makes opening and closing the case effortless, allowing you to switch batteries or modify your device without any hassle or damage.

Secure Wrist Strap: Keep your Pokemon GO Plus + within reach at all times with the included wrist strap, ensuring you never drop or misplace it during your Pokemon-catching adventures.

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