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ECHZOVE Nintendo Switch OLED Controller Grip

ECHZOVE Nintendo Switch OLED Controller Grip

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Enhanced Gaming Experience - Replace your Switch Joy-Cons and elevate your gaming experience. This Switch OLED wireless controller offers precise control and responsiveness, allowing you to better maneuver your game characters.

Ergonomic Design for Comfort - Designed with ergonomics in mind, this wireless controller provides a comfortable grip, relieving fatigue during long gaming sessions. Enjoy extended gameplay without discomfort.

Gravity Induction of Six-Axis Gyroscope, Double Motor Vibration - Experience enhanced control with the gravity induction of the six-axis gyroscope. Feel immersive gameplay through the double motor vibration, adding depth and realism to your gaming experience.

Built-in Hidden Stand and Four Game Card Slots - The controller features a built-in hidden stand, allowing you to securely place your game console on a tabletop. Additionally, it comes with four game card slots, providing convenient storage for your favorite and frequently played games.

Easy to Install - For the first time installation and use. Plug your nintendo switch OLED console into the controller. Select “System Setting” from the home menu, and select” Controllers and Sensors”.Turn on “Pro Controller Wired Connection”. Complete the connection. After the first successful connection, it will automatically connect in the future.

Prevent 3D Joystick Drift - Do not touch the 3D joystick (or other buttons) when inserting the nintendo switch console. To prevent deviation of the 3D joystick during automatic calibration after power on. If the 3D joystick has any deviation, please unplug the nintendo switch console and reconnect it or calibrate it through the "CalibrateJoystick" item in the setting menu of the nintendo switch console.

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