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Nintendo Switch Cartridge Case 48

Nintendo Switch Cartridge Case 48

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Keep Your Games Safe and Organized - Our nintendo switch storage case holds up to 48 game cartridges and 24 micro SD cards, so you can easily keep track of all your Switch games and never lose them again.

Soft and Sturdy Protection - The rubbery cushion interior provides thick padding to protect your nintendo switch games from scratches and damage, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

New Upgrade - This game card storage case has been given a brand new upgrade, we have changed the material of the shell panel, previously it was frosted, and now it is made of glass panel, the DIY printing is clearer, more beautiful, and drop resistant.

Easy to Open and Close - The magnetic lock design makes it easy to access your games and keeps them secure when you're on the go.

Built to Last - The nintendo switch game storage case has been drop-tested from 12ft high and is built to withstand accidental drops and bumps, so you can confidently take your games anywhere.

Compact and Portable - Our handheld palm-sized case is sleek and easy to travel with, so you can take your nintendo switch games wherever you go.

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