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Nintendo Switch OLED Controller Grip with HDMI Function - Black

Nintendo Switch OLED Controller Grip with HDMI Function - Black

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TNS-2163 in-line handle controller is a multi-functional in-line controller specially designed for Switch/Switch OLED consoles. This product uses integrated Type-C to HDMI video conversion, PD fast charging protocol, and Switch wired controller chip, allowing automatic connection and use when plugging in the Switch/Switch OLED console. In addition, the HDMI interface can connect the video output to the TV, enhancing your gaming experience and bringing better video effects. Attractive design and user-friendly operation, this controller is a must-have for Switch gamers.

DOBE Eggshell Second Generation SWITCH Direct Insert Handle Shocking Release! This controller integrates multiple functions such as Hall 3D, HDMI video output, PD fast charging, switch, inline controller, adjustable micro vibration motor, upright stand, and cassette storage, making it a "versatile player" in the gaming industry.

In terms of game controller design, the DOBE Eggshell second-generation SWITCH inline controller adopts innovative Hall 3D technology, achieving a more realistic gaming experience. This technology can sense the six-axis acceleration of the controller and the gyroscope, making the actions in the game more realistic. At the same time, the controller also supports HDMI video output, allowing you to easily transfer game graphics to a TV or monitor.

In order to make charging more convenient, the DOBE eggshell second-generation SWITCH inline handle is also equipped with a PD fast charging function. Simply plug in the charger to quickly charge the host. In addition, this controller also supports switches, which can seamlessly adapt to various game platforms and meet the diverse needs of players.

The design of the inline handle makes the connection more convenient and fast, allowing players to quickly enter the gaming world. At the same time, this controller also features an adjustable micro-vibration motor, which can provide more realistic feedback based on different game scenes, allowing you to be in the game.

The DOBE Eggshell second-generation SWITCH inline handle also has the function of an upright stand, allowing you to play games more comfortably. At the same time, the controller is also equipped with cassette storage inside, allowing your game cassette to be stored neatly and orderly.


Connection instructions
1. Before installation, open the NS console and enter the settings menu, find the "Processing and Sensors" setting item, and set "Professional Controller Wired Connection" to "On"
2. After inserting the Nintendo Switch console into the controller, press the A key of the controller to enter the controller, enter the settings menu, find the "Handle and Sensor" setting item, and calibrate the "Correction Joystick" and "Calibrate Gyro Sensor" before use "

Installation Notes: Do not touch the 3D joystick or other buttons when plugging in the Nintendo Switch to prevent the 3D joystick from being deviated during automatic calibration after powering on. If there is any deviation in the 3D joystick, please unplug the Nintendo Switch console and reconnect it, or calibrate it through the "Calibrate Joystick" item in the Nintendo Switch console settings menu

Turbo function description:
This gamepad's A, B,

Turbo function settings (take the A button as an example):
1. Press and hold the A button, and then short press the "Turbo" button to enter the semi-automatic Turbo mode. When you press the A button, it will have a continuous emission function.
2. While holding down the A button, press the "Turbo" button again to enter the fully automatic Turbo mode. In this mode, the A button will continue to trigger automatically until you release it.
3. Press and hold the A button, and then press the "Turbo" button again to clear the Turbo function of the A button
4. Clear the Turbo function of all keys: Press and hold the "Turbo" button for 5 seconds until the handle vibrates once to clear the Turbo function of all keys

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