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Playstation 5 Accessory Kits, PS5 Black Plates and PS5 LED Strip with 8 Colors and Remote Control

Playstation 5 Accessory Kits, PS5 Black Plates and PS5 LED Strip with 8 Colors and Remote Control

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Super Upgrade - It contains 2 plates for Playstation 5 and 1 PS5 led kit. It gives your Playstation 5 a unique look. It makes your PS5 console look so clean and cool. Looks so much sleeker all black! (It does not have the PlayStation logo.)

Matte Black Finish - The PS5 plates are very strong and sturdy. These plates are a nice matte black. No fingerprints, no scratches are going to show. The matte black color matches the black dual sense controller. Simple and sleek.

Simple to Install - Very easy to assemble. Remove the old plates and slid on and snapped in the new ones. They fit exactly like the originals, plain and simple. You can follow the video tutorial to install the PS5 led light strip.

LED Light - The ps5 led light has many effects, very beautiful! This LED strip light is specially designed for PlayStation 5 console. Compatible with PS5 Digital and Disc Edition. It has 3 control modes. The light strip for ps5 has a button on USB, you can press this button to switch the lighting effect. And you will get a remote and a manual with APP, they are very convenient.

Music Sync Lighting - This LED Light for PS5 has 8 colors and more than 400 light effects for you to choose from. You can choose the lighting mode that suits your game by adjusting the color, light speed, brightness. PS5 light strip will allow you to be more immersive when playing games! The size of the PS5 LED light is just right and the fan works normally.

How to Install the PS5 Faceplates?
1.Grasp the across corners of the console shell where the logo is located with both hands.
2.Lift gently away from the console approximately a quarter of an inch, and then push the faceplate toward the bottom of the PS5 console. The cover will slide off.
3.Align the hooks on the cover with the holes on the body of the PS5 console.
4.Position the cover and then slide the cover toward the top of the console to anchor it into place. Repeat with the other slide cover.

How to install the PS5 LED Strip lights?

1.Remove the PS5 console plate.
2.Take out of the led strip light and stick it on the side of PS5 console.
3.Insert the USB Port into the PS5 console.
4.With RGB color mode, 8-color lighting, choose the model you like.
5.It includes PS5 remote control.
Note: This product uses DC 5V USB interface.

Package Include

2 Solid Matte Black Faceplates for PS5
1 PS5 led lightstrip
1 Instruction

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