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PS VR2 Controller Holder

PS VR2 Controller Holder

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Convenient and Safe - Keep your PS VR2 controllers organized and easily accessible with our controller hanger! Our hanger provides a secure and stable place to store your controllers, reducing the risk of damage or misplacement.

PS VR2 Controller Cable - Charge your PS VR2 controllers and PS5 controllers efficiently with this convenient charging cable.

Keep Organized - Say goodbye to cluttered gaming setups with our PS VR2 controller hanger! Our hanger provides a sleek and organized way to store your controllers, keeping them off your desk or table and giving you more space to game.

Simple Design - Make your gaming setup more stylish and organized with our PS VR2 controller hanger! Our hanger comes in a sleek and modern design that complements any gaming setup, while also keeping your controllers easily accessible.

Easy to Access - Our PS VR2 controller hanger is the perfect way to keep your controllers safe and within reach!

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