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PS5 Charging Station with Cooling Fan and Controller Charger - White

PS5 Charging Station with Cooling Fan and Controller Charger - White

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Product Introduction:

This product is a new type of intelligent multi-functional dock, which can cool the PS5 console and charge the PS5 controllers at the same time. It can be used normally by using the special charging cable configured in this product to get power from the USB port of the PS5 console. It does not need to buy other power supply separately. It has practical functions and is more convenient to use.

Product Features:

1. Cooling Fans : There are 3 high-speed fans which can speed up the internal air circulation of the console to dissipate heat.

2. Fan Switch : You can turn on and off the fan, and adjust the wind force. The cooling stand comes with four different fan speeds for maximum cooling potential, high, medium, low, and off.

3. Fan Speed Indicator Lights : "Red/Orange/Green" indicator lights are used to indicate the "high/medium/low" wind speed of the fan, and the indicator light goes out after it is turned off.

4. Controller Charging Function :Two original PS5 controllers can be charged at the same time. Plug the PS5 controller into the left and right charging slots to charge.

5. Blue LED Lights : These charging docks have a charge indicator light that shows blue light while the controller is charging, which turns off when the controller is charging, which turns off when the controller is fully charged.

6. Type C Input Port : This product has a universal type-c input port. Connect the type C port and the USB output port of on the back of the PS5 console with the Y-USB charging cable in the accessory to supply power.

7. USB Output Port: The product has two USB output ports, and the output port "USB port 1" and "USB port 2" can output DC 5V power supply. When not charge PS5 controllers, the maximum output current of extra USB port is about 700mA. (Note: when there is PS5 controller charging, if the external load of two USB ports exceeds 2A, it may cause PS5 console over-current protection.)

How to Use it?

Affix the console to the Multifunctional cooling stand by using the fixing screw. Attach it directly from the bottom of the console.

Plug both of the USB-A connectors into the back of the PS5 console and then insert the USB type-c connector into the stand.

Then the Multifunctional Cooling stand is now ready for use!


Input Voltage/Current: DC 5V/3.0A

Charging Output Voltage/Current: DC 5.1V 600mA*2

Output of USB 1/ USB 2: DC 5V 700mA - 1000mA *2

Charging Duration: About 4 to 4.5 hours

Product Size: 246 x 194 x 40 mm

Package Include

1 x 2-in-1 USB 2.0 to Type C cable

1 x Fixing Screw

1 x PS5 Charging Station


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