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PS5 Controller Charger, Playstation 5 Controller Charging Station with LED Light

PS5 Controller Charger, Playstation 5 Controller Charging Station with LED Light

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The charging dock is specially designed for charging Playstation 5 controllers, which can quickly charge 2 Playstation 5 controllers simultaneously; when energized. The luminous body of the blue ambient light in the middle emits steady blue light. The product has a built-in DC voltage boosting-stabilizing circuit, which can continuously provide 5V regulated charging.

Product Features

1. The intelligent micro control technology is adopted in output management;
2. There are anti-skid rubber pads at the bottom of the dual charging system, with the triangular large bracket for stable placement. Two charging holders are in the middle, which can charge two playstation 5 controllers at the same time.
3. After powered on, the middle luminous body emitsa steady blue light, which adds the mystery;
4. Aesthetic appearance with convenient placement

Charging Process Instruction:

1. The power supply interface is located at the lower part of the back of the product, which is connected by USB-to-Type-C charging cable. It is powered by DC 5V 2A power adapter or USB interface power adapter. During the charging process, the power supply interface must be connected with the special charging cable equipped with the product.
2. When energized, the luminous body in the middle emits blue atmosphere light.
3. As shown in the above product function diagram and usage diagram, the playstation 5 controllers can be charged after inserted into the two transparent holders.


The playstation 5 controller must be horizontal and centered when inserting; the type c female interface in the middle of the controller must be aligned with the type-c male interface on the charging holder and then the controller must be inserted.

If the USB interface of the console is used and the electric current is less than 2A, the charging may be failed due to insufficient power.

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