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PS5 Controller Skin and Sticker, PS5 Controller Accessories

PS5 Controller Skin and Sticker, PS5 Controller Accessories

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If you want other color controllers, you do not have enough budgets. You can choose our Matched Color PS5 Controller Skin and Sticker. You also can get a New PS5 Controller. 

HIGH QUALITY SILICONE MATERIAL: PS5 Silicone controller case is made of high quality silicone material, silicone is very soft and good elasticity, not easy to scratch, sweat-proof, anti-slip and dust-proof.

SKIN-FRIENDLY: PS5 Silicone controller case is very skin-friendly, touch it like a baby's skin smooth and tender, silicone protector skin texture delicate burr-free, so you can operate the PS5 handle more comfortable.

NON-SLIP PATTERN: PS5 Silicone controller case cover on both sides are equipped with non-slip pattern, can improve the handle operation of the non-slip degree and comfortable handle grip.

THE BACK OF THE NON-SLIP DESIGN: PS5 Silicone controller case convex back anti-slip anti-sweat, can greatly increase the feel of the game, you can hold the handle for a long time to enjoy a good game time.

PRECISE HOLE: PS5 Silicone controller case hole cutting precision, can perfectly fit every button on the handle, but also compatible with the original and third-party dock charging, very simple and convenient to use.


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