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PS5 Cooling Fan, PS5 Cooling Dock with Powerful Heat Dissipation

PS5 Cooling Fan, PS5 Cooling Dock with Powerful Heat Dissipation

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Product Introduction:

This product is a new type of intelligent multifunctional cooling fan, which can dissipate heat for the PS5 console, and it also has a USB output port. You don't need to buy another power supply. It has practical functions and it is convenient to use.

Product Function Description:

1. The product is compatible with PS5 digital Edition and PS5 discs Edition.

2. The fan switch: Install this ps5 cooling fan on the PS5 console correctly, then press the fan switch to turn on or off the fan.

3. The cooling fan: The cooling fan has three high-speed fans, which can accelerate the air circulation inside the console and realize heat dissipation.

4. The fan light: There is a light on the back of the fan. The light is turned on when the fan is working.

5. USB Output Port: The USB male connector is plugged to the USB port on the back of the PS5 console. And the USB output port on the cooling fan can supply DC 5V power and transmit data.

Operation Instructions:

1. Plug the USB male connector on the PS5 cooling fan into the first USB port above the back side of the PS5 console.

2. When the PS5 console is powered on, the cooling fan will be in a static state, and it is necessary to press the fan switch once to power on the fan. At this time, the background lights of each fan will also be lit.

Technical Parameters

1. Operating voltage: DC 5V

2. Operating current: 0.5A

3. Fan Speed: 5500+-1100RPM

4. Number of Fans: 3 PCs

5. Product Size: 195 x 63 x 35mm

6. Product Material: ABS

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