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PS5 Slim Cooling Fan

PS5 Slim Cooling Fan

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Keep Your PS5 Slim Cool: Designed specifically for the PS5 Slim console, this cooling fan has three fans that quickly dissipate excess heat, improving your console's lifespan and performance.

USB 3.0 Passthrough Port: No extra power supply is needed. The additional USB 3.0 port replaces the one used to power the fan, allowing for charging controllers or connecting more USB 3.0 devices.

RGB Light: The built-in three cooling fans display a colorful gradient, creating a unique ambiance for your gaming setup.

Three Fan Gears: Choose from three different fan gears to suit your needs. The first gear is temperature monitoring mode, automatic start-stop; the second gear is normal mode, manual control, and the third gear allows you to turn off the fan and ambient light as needed.

Easy Installation: Compatible with both the PS5 Slim console optical drive and digital versions. Attach it to the rear of your console and push a button for instant cooling.


Note: ONLY for PS5 Slim Console

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