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PS5 Trigger Extenders, PS5 Trigger Extenders and PS5 Controller Thumb Grips

PS5 Trigger Extenders, PS5 Trigger Extenders and PS5 Controller Thumb Grips

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Comfortable PS5 Thumb Grips - The thumb grips are very comfortable and provide good levels of grip. Thumb grips provide improved precision and accuracy. The increased height of the thumb sticks can help with range of motion and therefore precision on faster paced competitive games.

Different Height of PS5 Thumb Grips - You can attach the thumb grips over the top of the thumb controls on your PS5 controller which makes them longer and easier to use. It has different heights. Perfect for better control during fast gaming.

Easy to Put on - The thumb grips clip on extremely easily and are secure once fitted. They offer an enhanced range of motion and helps reduce thumb, wrist, and hand fatigue.

Large Surface Area - You can attach the triggers on the back of the controller and it makes them easier to reach. Larger surface area (compared to original thumb sticks) provides added comfort. It improves your accuracy and general gameplay!

Ideal for shooting, action, fighting, and racing games; These give you more accuracy and improve your aim. You can actually feel a good difference.


Thumb Grips for PlayStation 5 Controller
Enjoy more control with less effort thanks to this pair of thumb grips for the PS5 Controller. Ideal for shooting, action, fighting, and racing games, the thumb grips make it easy to compete with enhanced comfort and confidence.

Simple Set-Up
It only takes a few seconds to slide the pair of thumb grips over the controller’s existing thumb sticks. 

Enhanced Grip
Made of non-slip silicone, the grips help keep thumbs sweat-free. You do not worry that the sweaty thumbs slipping off during critical gameplay action. Even more, the durable and well-made rubber thumb grips help protect your PS5 Controller’s existing analog sticks from everyday wear and tear.

PS5 Controller Trigger Extenders
The finger-shaped trigger extenders offer comfortable support, especially during extended play. It is very easy to install.

Package Include
4*PS5 Trigger extenders
4* PlayStation 5 Controller Thumb Grips

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