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Smart WiFi Light Switch, Smart Remote WiFi Switch Compatible with Google Home and Alexa, IFTTT, Support Voice Control and Setting Schedule Timer, No Hub Required - 1 Pack

Smart WiFi Light Switch, Smart Remote WiFi Switch Compatible with Google Home and Alexa, IFTTT, Support Voice Control and Setting Schedule Timer, No Hub Required - 1 Pack

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Make Your home a "Smart Home" - The Wifi dimmer module designed to transform your traditional switch(push switch) into Wifi switch. It is easy to configure. Small form factor allows this wifi switch to fit inside switch box nicely.

Device Sharing - It can connect dual control switch. 2 Switch can control 1 light. Share the devices with your families and friends. This is a must have in any home automation system. It is very convenient and cost effective.

Control Independently - Your traditional switch and smart switch can be independently controlled. They will not interfere with each other. Set timer schedules to automatically on/ off home appliances based on your preferences.

Voice Control - When you are very busy, you can control the light by voice. Voice control compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Home IFTTT. It has a detailed instruction and you can follow it to set easily.

App Remote Control - That allows the connected device to be controlled via Smart phone as well as traditional switch. Control your light by app wherever you are. One phone can control several smart switches, several phones also can control one smart switch.

Voltage: 220-240V AC, 50Hz
Wattage:2300W/250W for LED
Wi-Fi:2.4GHz - 2.483GHz
Operation temperature: -10℃- +40℃
Operation Range: ≤200m
IP rating: IP20
Warranty: 2 years

1.What should i do if i can’t configure the switch module?
A.Please check whether device is powered on.
B.Make sure your mobile and switch module are under the same 2.4Ghz Wifi network.
C.Whether it is in good internet conditions.
D.Make sure the password entered in App is correct.
E.Make sure the wiring is correct.

2.Which products can i control with the device?
You can control all type of lights, and electrical products in accordance with the device specifications.

3.What happens if the WIfi goes off?
You can still control the device connected the Switch module with your traditional switch and once Wifi is active again the device connected to module will connect automatically to your Wifi network.

4.What should i do if i change the Wifi network or change the password?
You can connect the module to the WIfi network according to the App user Manual.

5.How do i reset the device?
Power on/off device 5 times until the beeper on the module sound continuously.

Warnings:1.Installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician in accordance with local regulations.2.Keep the device out of reach of children.3.Keep the device away from water, damp or hot environment.4.Install the device away from strong signal sources such as microwave oven that may cause signal interruption resulted to abnormal operation of the device.5.Obstruction by concrete wall or metallic materials may reduce the effective operation range of the device and should be avoided.6.Do NOT attempt to disassemble, repair or modify the device.

Make sure you have a 2.4G network available and set up the switches while your phone is connected to the 2.4G network.

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