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Xbox Series X Controller Skin - Green

Xbox Series X Controller Skin - Green

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Comfortable Feel - It is much more comfortable. It improves grip while gaming. Extremely comfy sleeve for long hours of gaming.

Great Design - Your series x controller will feel much more premium with this cover. The design is simple and brilliant.

Protective and Soft - It is made of good silicone material. The rubber controller skin protects the controller all the way.

No More Sweaty - This cover makes it so much easier to hold your Xbox series x controller with no sliding or slipping. It is really good for sweaty hands.

Good Cutouts - The cutouts are perfect. Doesn’t restrict joysticks or cause any issues with buttons.

Thumb Grip Caps and Theme Sticker - The attached thumb grip caps and sticker are used together with the protective cover to make the Xbox series controller more beautiful and unique. They are a must-have accessory for Xbox game lovers.

Package includes 1 Silicone Case for Xbox Series X controller, one green sticker, and 2 Xbox Series X controller thumb grips.

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